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TickMyApps is an non-warranty service center for washing machines across brands, providing you with expert services at affordable rates. We deal with Samsung, Videocon, Whirlpool, Bosch and more.

Washing machines reduce water consumption, use of detergents and also save time and physical energy spent on washing clothes. They are quick, easy and can be operated by anyone. The need to have a fully functional Washing machine is very important and we fully understand their importance in the present day scenario. This helps us ensure that the washing machine is serviced within a short period of time.

Our services include: Washing machine servicing/ repair: There are many reasons why a washing machine could breakdown and become dysfunctional. Identifying the reason and setting it right is our expertise. Replacement of worn out spare parts with genuine spare parts: As we are an authorized service center, we have access to genuine spare parts that may be availed with warranty Annual maintenance of washing machines: We also undertake an annual maintenance contract that includes routine monitoring and identification of prospective problems. Trouble free maintenance will put all your worries to rest. Moreover it will help in ensuring that resources like water and electricity are utilized appropriately. A worn out part could add stress to the wash cycles and increase the utilization of these resources. Installation: If you are shifting your house or if you would like your washing machine fixed in another room, then we carry out re-installation with minimum fuss, ensuring smooth transition. Washing machines are heavy equipment and they require a source of water for them to carry out their sole function of washing clothes. Installation of washing machines requires work that we will be happy to carry out. Providing a demonstration of usage: After installation or service, our expert engineers will provide a demonstration that will benefit anybody using the washing machine. This will improve the efficiency of the appliance and ensure a longer shelf life.

Our engineers are adept at solving the most complicated of issues associated with washing machines and will sieve through the problems creeping into the machine.

TickMYApps supports round the clock service of washing machines and, since we are situated in Chennai, we service washing machines anywhere in Chennai.

We offer:

  • Good customer service
  • Prompt response
  • Status updates
  • Detailed service

Our client service executives are waiting for your call at 1800- 3002- 3191. Call us now so we can help you right away.